Moth Trapping Survey

(Prestwood Nature Reserve SU866 991) 23/06/06

Seven people attended, four from Prestwood Nature and three from WWG.

The evening was cloudy cool and calm.

Grass Moth Plume Moth
Flame Pine Hawk-Moth
Purple Bar Mottled Beauty
Brown Rustic Double Square-Spot
Small Emerald Elephant Hawk-Moth (4)
Brimstone Common Wainscot
Heart & Dart Green Pug
Plain Golden Y Small Magpie
Buff Arches Common Marbled Carpet
Green Carpet Clouded Border
Riband & Wave Treble Lines
Barred Yellow Buff Ermine
Burnished Brass Clouded Silver
Peppered Moth Beautiful Hook-Tip
Pale Tussock Setaceous Hebrew Character

The following flowers were seen:-

Basil Thyme
Bee Orchid
Bird's-Foot Trefoil