Moth Trapping Survey

(Cherrywood Gardens, Flackwell Heath ) 20/07/13

Weather was warm,cloudy and a little breezy. Four people attended..


Brimstone Flame Shoulder
Buff Arches (3)
Swallowtailed (2)
The Flame Dagger Sp.
Common Footman
Peach Blossom
Dot Moth
Dark Arches (2)
The Coronet
Willow Beauty
Elephant Hawkmoth
Clay Ribband Wave (2)
Mother of Pearl
Heart & Dart
Sycamore Shaded Braod-bar (3)
Cabbage Moth
Early Thorn (second generation)
Uncertain (2)
Peppered Moth
Bright-Line Brown Eye
Small Rivulet
Endotricha flammealis (2)
Hedya nubiferana (Marbled Orchard Tortrix)