King's Wood Cemetery

Chepping Wycombe Parish Council’s Kingswood Cemetery car park, at the northern end of the single-track section of Cock Lane, provides a convenient place to park when visiting Gomm’s Wood. It is well worth walking through the cemetery to look at the wildflowers growing on the banks, which are managed by Wycombe Wildlife Group to maintain their floral diversity.

There is an area of land on the downhill slope below the cemetery, which also belongs to Chepping Wycombe Parish Council, and is being managed as a wildlife area until such time as it is required to extend the cemetery. Over a number of years, Wycombe Wildlife Group has gradually cleared some of the scrub on this area to create chalk grassland glades. Again, this is an interesting place to look for wild flowers.

  Chalk Grassland in Kingswood cemetery
Kingswood Cemetery Plant Species (CommonNames)   Kingswood Cemetery Plant Species (Scientific Names)